Taking The First Step!

I hated my job! With a big fat H. I was very unhappy with the long hours and very little pay. No I’m not lazy , and yes I did apply for the position, however, I really dislike doing tedious repetitive stuff. . Day in. Day out. It makes my day so long and boring, Almost as if I’m living to work, instead of working to live happily. So after being fussed out and sworn at by a sweet older little lady that insisted that her water was fine and she didn’t need my awesomely expensive state -of-the-art filtration system. As she screamed her water wasn’t contaminated by toxic chemicals, and how her family has survived generations on that water, and to never call her again or she would hunt me down like a deer during the depression, I decided I needed to do something different. Now! No more robot jobs. No more being just another employee number. No more may I help you, and have a nice day,when my own day was falling down faster than a plumbers pants. I needed a new start. But what? So after fighting with myself and endless resumes to jobs who only wanted certified people. I gave up. Get ready school because here I come!!!

There were a lot of concerns getting back into school. I wasn’t sure if I had time or the money it takes to do it. After I enrolled I was mad at myself because I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get back on track and enrolled as a new student. Stepping back into the education world has been an amazing experience. To say the least. I have met some great people and mentors who are helping me to grow to my fullest potential. I get plenty of hands on experience and already have a few offers lined up as soon as I graduate. It’s amazing how we convince ourselves that we are unable to do things. This had been more fun than anything else. I never could’ve made a better decision. I guess with working all the time I just got so consumed in the cycle of my ,”Job” that I forgot about my own happiness. I am most excited about the money I will be making very soon. I am long overdue for a nice vacation. Just me the ocean the sun and big check.

If I had a crystal ball and could’ve seen my future I would’ve continued my education a long time ago. I never thought I would be “that girl”. You know. The one who always said would’ve ,could’ve ,should’ve. I know now that my education is the most important thing in my life. Without certification I will always be living to work. I can’t live my life doing jobs that I can barely pay rent. Going back to school has changed my life. I don’t now what I was afraid of, but I am glad I overcame them. Education is the key!