An Education Will Help My Career Goals

I am getting ready to start school again to get a degree so I can further my career goals. I am tired of going to work and not feeling fulfilled. I really want to go to work every day and feel very proud of what I do for a living. I want other people to respect me for my career choice and I want to feel like I am doing something meaningful with my life. These are just some of the reasons why I am very excited to go back to school to get a degree.

I am excited to get an education because I know that I will be able to get a really good job after I get a degree. I will not have to always work in a cubicle. I can have my own office or even start my own company. I do not want to feel like my career path is limited. I want to feel like I can continually move forward in my life and in my career position and salary. I want to wake up every morning feeling happy to start the day. I want to love my career and not dread going to a job that has very little to offer me.

I also want to have a career where I have a business card and maybe even my name on the outside of the door. I would love to even have my own assistant or secretary to help me with my messages and administrative tasks. I want a career that offers annual bonuses, paid vacation time, benefits, and more. I want a job that really appreciates the talents I bring to the table and treats me well. I want a career that my friends and family respect.

I am also excited to go back to school because it is an opportunity to meet new people and enrich my mind. Having a full time job makes it tougher to meet new people, but going back to school is a great way of meeting a bunch of new like-minded people. Who knows, maybe I will meet someone who would like to start a business together or even a new love interest! I am just realizing that going back to school will benefit my life in more ways than one. Sky is truly the limit. I never want to limit myself. I know I am capable of accomplishing and achieving great things.

Getting a degree takes a great deal of work and discipline, but I am ready for it. I know that the end result will be worth it. I know that getting a better career and better salary will improve my happiness in all aspects of my life. I will be less stressed out to pay my bills. I will have more money to be able to do the things I really want to do with my life. I will no longer be limited by a paycheck that does not pay me what I am truly worth.