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tel domain It's exciting in the world of dot tel and it's continuing to emerge. When we launched this website back a couple years ago we knew dot tel was a new concept and might take a while to catch mainstream. We can say today that the growth of dot tel is still happening.

We want to show you an example of how fantastic the dot tel domain can work for you. Check out this screenshot from joshrimer.tel and see how clever and useful the dot tel really is. Here is a screenshot:

dot tel

Check out the live page at joshrimer.tel for a closer look. But if you look at a screenshot, it's a pretty nice page. With all the available social media sites, dot tel is a very good option for people to contact you in many different ways. It's tidy and concise. After seeing an example like Josh Rimer, you might see better how dot tel could serve a business.

New TEL DOMAIN video! See how tel domains can change your world. Read up on dot tel domains for a quick overview if you're here for the first time also. If you need the how's and why's of registering a dot tel, then please check out our register tel faq guide.

You are probably like most people who are scratching their heads over this new Tel Domain Name. Have no fear, we are here to help! Is a Tel Domain really worth the price? Read my latest article here: Tel Domain. If you want to skip right to the .tel faqs, then click Tel Domain FAQs. I need to address the misleading cheap tel domain advertising so I put together a cheap tel domain article to clear up the confusion.

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If you own a business and are considering a Tel Domain Name, then I recommend you check out our website focused on the benefits that a tel domain can bring to your business. Just watch the tel domain frenzy after February 3 launch date. Don't lose out, see what tel domains can offer you and your business!

We have a straight to the point Tel Domain Names FAQ and interesting articles and information about how, when, and where you can get one of these tel domain names. Watching video is the best way for you to see the power, simplicity, security and potential of a tel domain. Words can only explain so much.

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Understanding the Basics of Tel Domain Names

Dot tel domains are potentially the future of phonebooks. What about local phone books? That's so yesterday your kids might say. The big question is, is it too early for a dot tel revolution? Hard to predict.

As our social networking and connectivity expands, so does the usefulness of tel domain names. At some point aren't we all going to have a cell phone and or have access to the world wide web? Seems like that's where it's all headed. There continues to be more and more devices and ways of getting access to the web.

So what's so exciting about dot tel? Well, it's versatile and secure and it will allow you to store most if not all modes that you use to communicate. That would mean things like Instant Messaging, phone numbers, skype, email, Facebook, or Twitter. There will be many other tidbits you can add to your dot tel domain name. It's called technology and social networking.

There are both business and individual availabilities. Personally, I see the business aspect of tel domains to really take off immediately. It makes a lot of sense from a business perspective and it will be interesting to see how something like .tel and the technology can combine to produce results that benefit the end user. Yes, that's right. You and me! Let's see how easy this gets for getting in contact with your friendly neighbourhood corporation.

The real roadblocks I see in 2009 are cybersquatters scooping up massive amount of names. Can you imagine the salivating? Wow, I'm going to sign up all the names I find in my phone book and then make those people pay me to get that dot tel domain name! So, having a great domain like mikesmith.tel is far from likely. How appealing is mikesmith2421.tel? I lol at the suggestion, but then again, rules for cybersquatting may change. I'm still learning this stuff also. Nobody should be able to hold another persons name, period. If that was the case, then fine. A major roadblock can be overcome.

The second roadblock I see is in the pricing. Expected to be between $20-30 each. Again, perhaps a cybersquatting measure who knows. If .com can be under $10 then I suppose it's possible for .tel to make it closer to affordable for the most wise tech geeks out there.

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